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Send a retirement card online

  • Create a memorable virtual retirement card in seconds.
  • Invite coworkers, family & friends to add messages with GIFs, photos & videos.
  • Start a collection for a retirement gift in one click.

Get started in 1 minute. Pay only when you're ready to send.

Sample message image for message from Greg

Steve, thank you for your dedication over the years, Best wishes for your retirement, keep those dogs active!


Sample message image for message from Tom Penny

Steve, thanks for all your help since I joined. I, for one, will miss your reporting wizardry ? Feet up now!

Tom Penny

Sample message image for message from Kenny Gilbert

I thought you we’re only joking about this whole retirement thing…enjoy this new challenge!!!?

Kenny Gilbert

Sample message image for message from Alan

You've finally escaped. Best wishes on your retirement x


How Thankbox Retirement Cards Work

Create step image


Start in seconds - create & personalise your online retirement card. Choose a background from a library of hundreds. Include a collection for a well-deserved retirement gift.

Share step image


Send your unique link to invite everyone to add a farewell message. You can email it directly from your dashboard or share the link in your company chat app.

Send step image


Send on the last day of work, ever! Schedule the date & time, or send when you're ready. If a collection was included they can spend their first retirement days choosing a digital gift card.

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 The perfect way to get everyone’s messages  

— Alice

What makes a Thankbox virtual retirement card special?

People dancing emoji

Everyone’s included

People only retire once, so ensure you say goodbye right. Thankbox is a simple and quick way to include coworkers, friends and family to add their send-off message.

Paint palette emoji

Unlimited character and characters

Every Thankbox is unique. Invite everyone to add personality to their farewell wishes. There are no limits either - to the number of people adding messages or to their length.

Paper plane emoji

You decide when to deliver

Your retirement ecard can be sent the moment the last message is added or scheduled to send at a specific time. We let everyone who's signed the card know when it's been sent.

Hand with tree sapling emoji

It’s the sustainable choice

A retirement ecard is the sustainable choice, too. There is no plastic, no paper, no waste, no CO2 emitted. We even plant a tree for every 10th Thankbox sent.

Love letter emoji

Make leaving 100% personal

Let everyone be themselves when adding their retirement well-wishes. Contributors can change fonts, add GIFs, photos and videos. Write what, and as much, as you like.

Gift emoji

Collect money for a retirement gift

Honour their contribution to the workplace by sending a farewell gift with their Thankbox. With one-click you open a collection for everyone to contribute to. Simple and swift.

The easiest way to celebrate someone

Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t make someone feel special. Thankbox is perfect for any occasion when lots of lovely people want to celebrate one lucky person.

Mighty retirement card packed with lots of features

Try before you buy. Setup your retirement Thankbox in one minute and start collecting messages & contributions immediately. You can split the cost with everyone and pay from the collection pot. We think it's fair to share.

For more info, visit our pricing page.

You can get started for FREE and only pay when you're ready to send.

Classic Thankbox $5.99

Retirement cards and gifting made easy. Fast. Simple. Personal.

  • Unlimited messages
  • Add photos & GIFs
  • Scheduled sending
  • Collection pot included
  • No account required
Image of a few popular gift card options

Send the perfect retirement gift

With a Thankbox retirement card it’s simple to collect money for a gift. Wherever people are, everyone can chip into the collection pot when they add their message. You can even pay for your Thankbox from the collection.

Digital gift cards

The recipient can redeem for a digital gift card of their choice.

Send flowers

Users in the UK can easily add flowers directly to their order thanks to our partnership with Bloom and Wild.

Digital gift cards

The recipient can redeem for a digital gift card of their choice.

Send flowers

Users in the UK can easily add flowers directly to their order thanks to our partnership with Bloom and Wild.

Create the perfect retirement card

It’s as easy as create, add, share, send. It takes no time and there’s no hassle. Instantly invite anyone, anywhere in the world to recall memories and add to the retirement collection. The perfect send-off.

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