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How a Thankbox card works

How it works image

From setup to sending - it couldn’t be simpler. Create & customise your card in minutes and start collecting messages.

STEP 1 Create your Thankbox

Say who it’s from and who it’s for, choose a title and whether you’d like it displayed as a board or a card. Add an optional gift collection.

Fancy spoiling your recipient? Make it a Premium Thankbox to unlock custom font options, backgrounds and video messages.

STEP 2 Customise the design

Customise your Thankbox background & icon to best suit the recipient. There's hundreds of handcrafted designs to choose from.

Upgrade to Premium to unlock custom fonts and special premium backgrounds. Want to fully customise it? You can add your own background & icon as well!

STEP 3 Share it with others

Invite others to add messages with an easy sharing link. Share it in Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS or your favourite chat app.

You can also email it out directly from your dashboard and we’ll chase up the invitees to add their messages.

STEP 4 Collect messages

Whether you’re the sole contributor or the Thankbox is from your whole group - it’s super easy to add a message.

Make it stand out by writing as much as you like and adding photos, videos or GIFs. Contributors can optionally add funds to the gift card collection if one is set up.

STEP 5 Send it or schedule for a set date

Schedule the Thankbox to be sent to your recipient at a set date & time so everyone has a deadline for their messages. Or just send it whenever you’re ready.

The Thankbox can stay open for a bit longer after sending for any late messages (there's always one!)

After a Thankbox is opened…

The recipient has the following options:

  • Download the Thankbox as a PDF.
  • Reply to thank everyone.
  • Share the Thankbox preview publicly.
  • Claim their gift card (if collection attached).

You can view our interactive sample Thankbox to see this part in action.

An example email sent to the recipient when they receive their Thankbox

 So easy to set up and send the link to everyone  

— Emma

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