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Send a group leaving card online

  • Create a stylish virtual leaving card in seconds
  • Invite colleagues to add personal messages with GIFs, photos & videos.
  • Collect money for a farewell gift in one click.

Get started in 1 minute. Pay only when you're ready to send.

Sample message image for message from Helena

Hi Sarah, I want to thank you for being a great employee, always so trustworthy and reliable to get everything done to a high standard. What a pleasure to manage someone like you - we will sorely miss you on the team! Take care and keep in touch :-)


Good luck Sarah, take care! You will be missed a lot. You'll also be a star. Adios xxxx

Harry K.

Hey Sarah, now I get that window seat? Ok, ok I will miss you too, haha. All the very best, you'll be amazing 🤩


Sample message image for message from Wani Babatunde

Enjoy your travels and new job Sarah, here's a beautiful place. I hope you see many more like it. All the best, Wani ?

Wani Babatunde

How Thankbox Group Leaving Cards Work

Create step image


Create & personalise your virtual leaving card. Select from hundreds of backgrounds and icons. Choose to organise a gift collection, too.

Share step image


Invite everyone, everywhere to add their goodbye message. Share one unique link or email directly from your Thankbox dashboard.

Send step image


Schedule a date & time or send when you're ready. They get to choose a digital gift card if a collection was included.

Being used to say farewell in thousands of organisations, including

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 What a wonderful service!  

— Terri

Saying farewell with a group leaving card is so much sweeter

Group of users emoji

Say farewell as a group

Anyone, anywhere can add a goodbye message. There are no limits either - your team can be one of tens or thousands of coworkers.

Color emoji

Unlimited character and characters

Each Thankbox leaving card is unique. Choose from 100s of backgrounds (or add your own). Change fonts, add GIFs, photos and videos, and write as many characters as you want.

Paper plane emoji

You choose when to deliver

Your group leaving card can be sent the moment the last message is added. Or schedule to send at a specific time on the day of leaving.

Hand holding a tree emoji

It’s the sustainable choice

As your leaving card is an ecard there is no plastic, no paper, no waste, no CO2 produced. We also plant a tree for every 10th Thankbox sold.

Love letter emoji

Fully personalised leaving messages

Every coworker can be themselves when adding their goodbye message. Write what and as much as you like - recall special events and achievements with your own photos or videos.

Gift Emoji

Add a leaving gift with no hassle

You can send a farewell gift with your Thankbox. It’s one-click to add a collection for a digital gift card and collect contributions from everyone.

The easiest way to celebrate someone

Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t make someone feel special. Thankbox is perfect for any occasion when lots of lovely people want to celebrate one lucky person.

Mighty leaving card packed with lots of features

Try before you buy. Setup your farewell Thankbox in one minute and start collecting messages & contributions immediately. You can split the cost with everyone and pay from the collection pot. We think it's fair to share.

For more info, visit our pricing page.

You can get started for FREE and only pay when you're ready to send.

Classic Thankbox $5.99

Leaving cards and gifting made easy. Fast. Simple. Personal.

  • Unlimited messages
  • Add photos & GIFs
  • Scheduled sending
  • Collection pot included
Image of a few popular gift card options

The simple way to send a farewell gift

With a Thankbox group leaving card it’s simple to collect money for a gift. Wherever your colleagues are, everyone can chip into the collection pot when they add their lovely message. You can even pay for your Thankbox from the collection. That’s what we call fair.

Digital gift cards

The recipient can redeem money in the pot for a digital gift card of their choice.

Send flowers

Customers in UK can easily add some directly to their Thankbox leaving card order.

Digital gift cards

The recipient can redeem money in the pot for a digital gift card of their choice.

Send flowers

Customers in UK can easily add some directly to their Thankbox leaving card order.

Organise the ultimate leaving card & gift collection in seconds

It’s as easy as create, add, share, send. It takes no time and there’s no faff with envelopes full of coins or cards that fill up too quickly. Invite anyone, anywhere in the world to recall the world of work and chip in to the leaving collection.

Create a Thankbox

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Can I pay for my Thankbox from the collection pot?

100% you can!

It's a great way to split the cost of sending the Thankbox between all the contributors. Just pick the Pay from your gift collection balance option when checking out.

Check out our support page for more info.

How can I redeem the collected cash in my Thankbox?

It's really simple! Just click the Claim Gift on your Thankbox page and you'll begin the gift redemption process. You can choose the email you want your gift card sent to as well as what currency you want it issued in. We support redeeming in USD, GBP and EUR.

There you can self-issue your gift card to whatever merchant you'd like. For some countries we also support issuing as a prepaid VISA or Mastercard.

How do I send a virtual group leaving card?

The best way to send farewell wishes is with a Thankbox virtual group card. 

Getting started takes seconds and involves a few simple steps.
  1. Create. To get started, click Create and add the recipient’s name and the card title you want e.g. “John’s Leaving Card”. Say who it’s from and then decide to pay up front or later. Choose whether to include a collection at this point too. 
  2. Share. Email the unique link to coworkers, customers, agencies, and suppliers so everyone can add their messages. Each message can include videos, photos, and GIFs. 
  3. Customise. Change your background, icon, or edit the detail while messages are rolling in.
  4. Send. Review everything, including the recipient’s email address and click Send. That’s it. Send immediately or schedule the delivery for a specific date.

Your coworker's Thankbox will be a lifelong memory of their time with everyone to cherish.
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