About us

Founded in: 2020
Based in: Edinburgh, Scotland

Our story

Passing a paper card around was always a hassle. Then 2020 happened and you couldn’t even do that.

One morning in March 2020 our founder, Val, was thinking about this seed of an idea he'd had for remote group cards a couple of years ago. He decided that if there ever was a time to do it, it was now.

He quickly assembled a small, awesome team to put it together. They all believed in and loved the idea and worked quickly to build it.

The first version of Thankbox went live 2 months later in May. The vision of it has not changed since the first time Val wrote it down - a simple, fun way to create a group card and collect for a gift online. Simplicity and fun continue to be at the center of everything we do.

An image of a happy globe

Our sustainability pledge

We love planet Earth! By sending a Thankbox you are helping preserve it for future generations.

  • No plastic or paper, and zero CO2 emissions.
  • We plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sent.

The team

Photo of Val - Founder & CEO

Val - Founder & CEO

Val has been tinkering on his own projects since he learned how to code. On Thankbox he does a bit of everything - working on new features, answering customer emails and constantly thinking about how to make it even more awesome. He enjoys practicing martial arts - currently Tang Soo Do - and coming up with fun games to play with his daughter.

Photo of Tsvetelina - Co-founder & CFO

Tsvetelina - Co-founder & CFO

Our finance and Excel wizard. Tsvetelina dips her head into everything numbers related and makes sure Thankbox is running smoothly. When not working on making Thankbox better, you'll find her practising the piano or exploring beautiful Scottish hiking trails.

Photo of Barbara - Designer

Barbara - Designer

Barbara is responsible for all our designs, branding, UX, UI, interfaces, backgrounds, and anything else that's visual. She started work on Thankbox after five years designing marketing and e-commerce campaigns at PlayStation, and is constantly inspired by all our users spreading kindness and joy. Off-screen she enjoys long walks in nature, and tending to her perhaps too many plants.

Photo of Desi - Customer Support

Desi - Customer Support

Desi is our frontline warrior when it comes to customer support. She always goes above and beyond to help our customers and make their Thankbox experience more joyful. When she’s not behind her laptop, writing emails left and right, you can find her baking delicious pastries and traveling around the world, so she can fill her scrapbook with precious memories.

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